Monday, May 30, 2005

Since Willie and I were both off this MOnday for the holiday we took Roxi to the Dog Park. Like always she had a great time running around with all the other dogs. Posted by Hello

This weekend was Anna's first swim meet!!! She did a great job! Posted by Hello

This is a picture of my grandma and Anna on Mother's Day at my mom's house. My mom did not like any of here picture that is why she would not let me post one of her. Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday Madison Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Sorry, I have not been posting pictures but my computer has died!!! Willie and I are so so so sad. We are lost with out our computer. I have someone looking at it to fix it but if he can't I will have to buy a new one. Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! I have to get back to work see you all soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Happy Thursday

Hope everyone had a good week because it's almost over!!! Friday is almost here!!! Thank goodness because this has been a crazy week at work. This week started off bad but I think it will end just fine. Hope everyone has a fun weekend planed I know Willie and I do.

I just want to take time to say thanks to Hanna for sending me the daily bread today of all days I really need it. Here is the last line hope you get something out of it.

Pray as if everything depends on God; work as if everything depends on you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


IT'S A GIRL!!!!!


Kathleen and Mark went to the doctor at about 12:00pm today and found out they will be having a little girl. The family is so so so happy for the both of them. This will be Mark's family's first girl in a long long line of boy's. I will up date you as soon as I have more info.

Sorry, I know I have not been updating much but I have been very busy. I have been working at my moms office on Monday's and my office the rest of the time. Then on weekends I have been at Willie's softball games. We went to Collage Station a few weekends ago and had a great time. They did not win but we had games all day and all night so it was fun hanging out with the team. Saturday we all went out to the Dixie Chicken. It was fun until we went to find the car at the end of the night and it had been towed. You know me I was MAD!!! and $111.00 dollars latter I was really MAD!!! FYI for everyone, never follow someone always know where you are and read all signs!!!! Well this weekend Willie has another softball tournament and I have a birthday party for a friend's little girl. Another fun field weekend, hope you all have a good one.