Monday, February 28, 2005

Wedding will be this YEAR!!!

Since Willie was out of town I thought I would be at home for most of the weekend but I was only home Sunday afternoon. Friday night a few friends and family went out for Jamie's Birthday. Then Saturday morning Jamie and I hit the mall. Around 2:00 we went to check out one of the places they are looking at having a reception. The place was wonderful and I think they really liked it. I can't say just yet were the place is but I'm sure Jamie will tell everyone soon. By now I hope everyone knows the wedding will be this year!!!! After we left there we went back to there house. Once Steven and my mom started complaining about how they were hungry we went to eat with Tammy and her family. After that I was on my way home when Steven and Jamie talked me into going shopping again and to the movies out in Katy. We saw The Wedding Date and it was a very good movie. I had a great time with my sis and brother in-law to be. Sunday, I went to church and then to check out Cassy and Jason's new house. The place looks great Cassy and her mom are wonderful decorators. Well now that you know everything I did this weekend I can't wait for next weekend. Hope everyone has a good week. Posted by Hello

This is a picture of Willie and Dustin at the Four Seasons Ranch this pasted weekend. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jamie's 24

Happy Birthday Day Jamie!!! Today Jamie is 24!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day and a great year.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wednesday 2/23/2005

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today is kind of slow at work so I have not been doing much. I thought it was going to be a rainy day but their is no rain in Katy. Don't get me wrong I love the weather today but my yard could us the rain. I hope to work in it this weekend that way it will be done for spring.

As most of you know I have gotten back into church and now attend Lakewood church every Sunday. Because of this I'm going to start bloging some of my daily prays, I hope you find this encouraging.
Prayer for Today:
Heavenly Father, I thank You for this day. I thank You that You have new opportunities for me to experience increase and victory in every area of my life. Teach me how to think like You and see myself the way You see me, so I can experience all You have for me today.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jennifer and Patricia!!! Friday night I went to dinner for Jennifer's birthday.(the picture above is Rachel, Chas & Jennifer) We had a wonderful time Jennifer and Mark along with a few other family and friend's ate at Salt Grass stake house to celebrate her birthday and there engagement. It was great getting together with Rachel and Jen we have not all been out together in like 4 years. We had a good time catching up. After I left there I met up with Patricia and a few of her friends for drinks to celebrate her birthday. We ended up at Sam's Boat, Tricia had a few to many so I know she felt it the next day. Posted by Hello

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Congratulations to Jennifer and Mark they announced there engagement at her birthday dinner Friday night. This will be another short engagement, they are getting married March 5th in a small ceremony at her mothers house. Jennifer is very happy and even though I have only known Mark for a short time I know he will make her happy. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005


YES, It's here and after the never ending week I've had thank goodness. Well it was not that bad but man I'm glad it's over. Willie and I are not to busy, Saturday Willie has a softball tournament all day. I will be there most of the day but that night I have a birthday dinner for Jennifer and good friend who I have not seen in a while. She also has big new and I think it's that she is getting married. Then that same night I am going to meet Tricia out at a bar for her birthday. I think it will be fun. Then Sunday we have church and who knows what we will do after that. I would love to take Roxi to the dog park because we have not been there in like a month. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and don't party to hard.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

God Bless Our Troops!

Click on the link above to view the slide show!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Back To Work

Hope everyone is having a good work week so far. I know I should not be complaining because I had a 3 day weekend but still I hate Tuesday!!!! Monday Willie and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We had lunch a Willie's Ice House together then a candle lit dinner. He got me flowers a card and a gift card to go shopping. I got him a card and a gym membership. We had a very nice evening together. I hope everyone had a nice time with the one they love. Well back to work for me, only 3 more work days until the weekend!!! I hope this week goes by fast!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and night with the one they love. I have been sick all weekend and I still don't feel good so Willie and I will be eating in unless I get well over night. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Party Lite Party

Hope everyone is doing well I was off work for last week so that's why I have not been posting to much. But now I'm back and I'm going to have a candle party. The party will be Saturday March 12th at 4:00pm. I hope you all can come.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mr. And Mrs. Mark Cutterell

They said I DO!!!! Kathleen made a beautiful bride this passed Saturday when she and Mark got married in Fayettevillle, NC. Her and Mark had a military wedding in a chapel on base. There family's met for the first time and thank goodness we all love each other. We all had a wonderful week together shopping and hanging out. Not only did Kathleen and Mark get married but they moved into there first house together on Sunday. I know my sister is happy and in love. I know that they will take care of each other and I hope one day they find themselves back in Texas.Posted by Hello

The wedding was great!! There was about 50 people there to wish them good luck. Mom put together another wonderful wedding but you would never know she did it all in 2 weeks. Posted by Hello

They both looked so happy. Posted by Hello

We had a wonderful time dancing the night away. This is a picture of the three of us on the dance floor. (Kathleen, Chasity, Jamie) Posted by Hello