Monday, February 28, 2005

Wedding will be this YEAR!!!

Since Willie was out of town I thought I would be at home for most of the weekend but I was only home Sunday afternoon. Friday night a few friends and family went out for Jamie's Birthday. Then Saturday morning Jamie and I hit the mall. Around 2:00 we went to check out one of the places they are looking at having a reception. The place was wonderful and I think they really liked it. I can't say just yet were the place is but I'm sure Jamie will tell everyone soon. By now I hope everyone knows the wedding will be this year!!!! After we left there we went back to there house. Once Steven and my mom started complaining about how they were hungry we went to eat with Tammy and her family. After that I was on my way home when Steven and Jamie talked me into going shopping again and to the movies out in Katy. We saw The Wedding Date and it was a very good movie. I had a great time with my sis and brother in-law to be. Sunday, I went to church and then to check out Cassy and Jason's new house. The place looks great Cassy and her mom are wonderful decorators. Well now that you know everything I did this weekend I can't wait for next weekend. Hope everyone has a good week. Posted by Hello


Jamie Kubeczka said...

BOY- Your faster than I am!!HaHa..
Yes, the wedding is going to be this year for sure, but the date is still pending as well as the place, but I think we are getting very very close.. Don't let the cat out of the bag before me on that one!! We had fun this weekend, and glad you came with us, that movie was great! See Ya!

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