Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thanks Kat

Oh, I've been meaning to post this. Kat thanks for my gift!! Lets just say I've had nothing but SWEET DREAMS since I had it!!!

Done Deal!!!

We did it!!! We got our shirts and now we get to go to the meet and greet with 3 members from the New Moon Cast!!! I'm so excited it's 11/10/09 at 5:30!!! We don't know who will be here yet but last year Taylor was here. It should be fun no matter who it is. I just walked in the door and I'm going to bed for a few hours. Happy Halloween!!!

Moved In

It's 6:05 and they just moved us inside the mall. We are lines up as far as I can see then back around and down again. The Head of security inside the Galleria is rude and smacks her gum. She looks like a COW! She yelled at Tricia twice! I think she is cool with us now because I just got 8 people kicked to the back of the line. They just walked up and got in line! Oh I mean got in line in front of 300 other people already in line!!! RUDE!!! Well we are here Tricia says hi bloggers.


It's 4:14 just opened my eyes and ya it's cold now!


Well it's almost 12:00am we are still going strong. It feels great in here not cold thank God. Oh ya! Pizzas Guy is here!!! No less than 30 boxes!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Set up for the Night

I'm number 53 and Patricia is 52!!!!! We Rock!! They just moved us from the street to the Red parking garage at the Galleria. Now we are just pulling out our blankets and chairs to chill for the night.

In Line at 8:45pm

Within 50 so that means we r in!!! Now all we have to do is wait!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who said I'm not a good babysitter? My cousin Logan is sleeping over. While he is wild and crazy and makes Willie and the dogs run around with him and play. It's 8:05 and he is in bed after a bath, brushes teeth and school clothes ready of Friday. I know I'm a Hero ;) LoL I could never do this full time!

I'm updating! Wish I had something better to say other than work was crazy busy and now Im on the bus. We have been seating in the HOV lane for 15min not moving. So other than that I'm listening to Toby Mac on my iPod. I know I'm way boring but I have one Bad Ass Blog Layout!!!!!

Love my new look Jamie!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello All

I know y'all thought I would never come back but here I am. Since my iPhone will not post pics to my blog I find myself on Twitter more and more. I will try to update this more then I have been. I wish I could say I've been doing all kinds of cool stuff but I mostly work. I did start a new book the other day. As you can see it's a big collection.

Here is the latest pic of Willie and I at Jacobs 1st birthday party. To all the Birthdays I have not posted Happy Birthday!!!!!The only other think I can thing to say is........check out my New Moon countdown clock at the bottom of this page. I'm so happy it's almost time to see my man on the big screen again. Sorry I know I'm a freak about The Twilight Saga!!!!!!!