Thursday, January 31, 2008


I hate the bus ride to and from downtown.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tyson is sick today but he is still cute!



I know you can’t believe it’s me but yes I think life is slowing down!! Thank Goodness! The holidays were great and I love my family but I’m glad it’s all over. I love parties but I also love just staying home. Our birthdays are also over we did not do anything to celebrate just dinner and a movie together. So now Willie’s 31 and I’m 21! JK I’m 29 the last year of my twenties! L They do say women are like wine we do get better over time!

My job moved over the Christmas holiday and we are now in the Uptown Park shopping center. It is a nice but we joined with another office. Everyone is nice but the more girls the more drama. It has been ok but a few changes are just around the corner and most people don’t like change. I do have high hopes for everything to work out because I do like my job.

The newest thing in my life is that I’m back on the WW and really working hard at it. My first week I lost 5.8lb I was really happy I should have lost more but I hate drinking so must water. Really how many times can one person go to the bathroom in one day! It’s my second week and I go every Monday night so I will keep you posted.

To all the birthdays I missed posting for Happy Birthday!!! I will post for you next year! Hope to see you all soon at Bunko!