Friday, May 08, 2009

Hope you like the new look!!! I know I've been away awhile but I'm BACK!!! Thanks to Jamie for the new always! Most of you know I've been so busy with this new job that I've had little time for anything else. I'm doing my best to make more time for everyone including myself. Oprah turned me on to the twitter thing and I'm liking it so check me out. Jamie put a button on this page somewhere just click it. Jamie also has me posting from my phone. So as I type I'm waiting on the bus in the middle of downtown (Walker and Louisiana) honk if you see me!! Ha ha To much has gone on for me to update y'all on everything so here is the need to know stuff:
New Job,5 pages left in book PS I Love U, love Rob Pattinson, just saw x-man 1,2&3, sad prison break is ending, dogs are great and no I've still not dumped WIllie. LOL Life is the same hope you like hearing about it.