Thursday, August 19, 2004

This Is Me

Well, today I total showed how not together I really am. By this I started out fine but after I got back from lunch everything went south including me. As I went to pick up a picture that had fell under my desk I hit the ground! My chair went on it's side and I fell right on my butt. Then the boss came around the cornner just in time to see it all. I don't think I have ever heard her laugh so loud in my life. The whole back staff came rushing to the front to see me on the floor and if that was not enough I still had the car ride home. I was half way home when my cell rang, it was an old friend who is having a scrapbook party this Saturday I thought....someone remind me not to think!! She wanted to make sure I would be making it to the party on Sunday. When she say Sunday I wanted to cry!!! I said 8/22 is Saturday she laughed and said no Chas it's Sunday look at a calander. I can't beleive I am so crazy!! I have told 2 friends this week that have ask me to take part in things on Saturday NO! I have 3 partys I will be busy all day let's do lunch on Sunday. Now I don't know what I'm doing Saturday or Sunday. I really think this kind of stuff only happends to me.