Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Time.... as I seat here at work I wonder were all the time goes. I want to keep this blog up to date but time is always the problem. Willie and I have had a party a softball game or a family thing every weekend for the pasted few weeks. We talked last night about making time for us to have a day where we just hang out all day at home just us and Roxi. It's sad when we want to stay home and do nothing on a Saturday or Sunday. We love spending time with family and friends but we also love being in bed all day and hanging out with the dog. I was talking to my mom about this a few days ago and she did not have good news or anything to say good about time. She said the older you get the less time you have. The more things you take on in life the less time you have to spend doing some of the things you love to do. She said the best thing to do is to always know that time is something you can't get back so never feel bad about making time to do what you love no matter what that is.