Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Look

Sorry for all the problems my blog has been having but I think Jamie got it fixed today. We went to a purple plain blog for now until I find one I really like. I have been looking for a template for a few weeks now. Everyone I find and like are all black or all white and I would like to have some color. I don't know I'm hard to please!!!

As for the rest of my life it's all about Willie and Roxi. Willie and I took Roxi for a walk on Sunday afternoon. Just as we got to the park it started raining but we were their so we waited for it to stop. When it started raining we started to drive off and she started jumping around in the back seat so Willie and I felt bad so we got out in the rain to walk. Willie has been very busy with softball like always!!!! Summer is coming so we will be in and out of town playing ball. He is happy with his team so Summer out of town trips should be fun. As for me I started another diet last Friday so we will see! That's all I'm going to say about that! Hope everyone has a great Thursday and Friday and a wonderful weekend.