Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Apprentice

Last night Mr Trump said your Fired to Andrea!!!! I am so happy about her being gone. I could not stand her all she ever did was talk down to people. Now that Andrea is gone I hope Charmaine is next but after her I like everyone else.

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Hope you all had a great weekend! I had Blake's 4th birthday party on Saturday at a park in Jersey Village. It was hot but I think he had a great time. Friday night Willie and I went to dinner and a movie but ended up walking out 1 1/2 hours into the movie. I hate to say the name of the movie because I love Mandy Moore but American Dream was no Dream movie. The movie was boring!!!!! Sorry, if I were you I would wait until it comes out on DVD. Then Saturday night I saw Ice Age with mom and Anna and that movie was great. It was so funny! I don't even think the kids got how funny it was. Sunday I went to church then lunch with Jason, Cassy and Willie. After that Willie and I did so running around to get ready for the week. Well, I guess I could get to work I will post picture of Blake's party latter this week. Make it a good one!


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Happy Tuesday To you! Sorry American Dreams sucked, but I am glad you saw it before me!hehe..
Sorry I couldn't go with you guys on Saturday, but I had just went with Steven to see Ice Age Friday night. It was too cute. I loved that movie! Have a good week!

Anonymous said...