Sunday, April 09, 2006

Under Construction

Thanks to Jamie, as always! Most of you know my old template was driving me crazy. It was to much purple and I was ready for a change.

It is Sunday afternoon and I can't believe the weekend is over. I was so sleepy last week so I told myself I was going to relax this weekend but I never did. Friday, I was up early because I had to bring Willie to work then I washed about a million loads of laundry. Then about 8:00pm we had dinner for Helen's Birthday. The food was great and I think she really had a good time. I will post a few pictures this week. Then of course we had softball the rest of the weekend. No, they did not win but we had fun until Willie started being rude Saturday night! Well, that's a whole another story if you know what I mean. Today is Sunday so I went to church then to lunch with Shannon. I stopped by moms to work on my blog but I'm so tired so I'm headed home to sleep. Hope you all have a great Monday!