Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Hope you all are having a great Hump Day!!! Only one more day for me and the weekend is here!!!! I have wanted to post all week but I have been so busy at work. As most of you know Willie had a softball tournament in College Station this past weekend. We left on Friday after lunch with Cassy and Jason so Jason and Willie could make it in time for the Home Run contest. The tournament started on Saturday morning and our first game was scheduled for 10:00am. But as you know it rained cats and dogs Saturday morning. Since the fields were like mud pits they moved the tournament back and our first game was at 5:30 in the afternoon!! This meant we had the whole day to hang out so where was the first place we went …..Free Birds!!!! Willie and I love Free Birds and it is a must when we go to College Station. As for the tournament they played 4 games and lost at 3:45 Sunday morning. Even though Team Crush did not win we had a great time. Sunday, Willie and I did not get up until noon so the day was almost over and we were just getting started. We went to lunch at Rudy’s (the best BBQ ever!!!) and then I headed home and Willie headed to the ball park to watch the end of the tournament. After I got home Mom, Jamie and I went to the movies to see RV and have dinner. Robin Williams was funny like always, it was a good family movie. Well, another weekend is almost here and it is full of things to do. Little Bobby goes to prom, Alexis has an end of the year gym show and Shannnon graduates and let’s not forget Mother’s Day!!!!