Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What A Night

Last night Willie and I hung out on the couch for a great night of music TV. Not only was American Idol on but the ACM Awards were also on. Idol was great and we voted for Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!!! Simon was right on the money about the whole night. Can't wait for tonight when the top 10 will be back to perform. It was kind of funny because as we were flipping back and fourth between the two shows at several different points all we were watching were American Idols because Kelly and Carrie were both on the ACMs. The performances on the ACMs were great except for the fact Tim and Faith were not there. You could really tell that Country Music had a great year because every category had 4 or 5 great nominees so you wanted everyone to win.


Jamie Kubeczka said...

I know for a fact that Taylor is going to win, which is cool I guess, but I really wanted Chris to win. I can't wait to watch tonight. I honestly think Catherine knows she's going home, because last night she looked sick! ACM Awards were okay, I love Derks Bently and Keith Urban.. I also love Rascall Flatts.. But Kelly looked like crap! I think he could have sung the song better without her! Sorry! I just don't understand why she dresses so wierd!

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