Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone has had a good start to the work week. I had such a good weekend I did not want to come back. Friday night Willie and I went to the drive in movie theater and saw Everyone's Hero and Flick. We had so much fun it is really cool everyone should go check it out. Everyone's Hero is a cute kid's movie about a lost baseball ball and Flick had Tim in it!!!! If you know me you know I could care less about all the horse I was their for TIM!!! The movie was great and told a beautiful story about a young girl and a horse named Flick. Tim played a great dad and man he was hot hot hot!!!! Saturday, I spent at home cleaning and touching up the walls with paint. Then Sunday, I went to church then to meet Willie for lunch and to watch the Texas game. That was fun only because we won. About 4:30 Willie and I went to play golf. Well, he played and I read a book and drove the cart. It was so pretty out side I wish we had a full Fall season rather than the week we get a year.