Thursday, February 08, 2007


The weekend is here!!! I don’t really have anything to do but I’m happy as long as I don’t have to fight an hours worth of traffic first thing in the morning. Don’t mean to complain but traffic this week sucked!! I know I should be happy some people would love just to have a car to fight traffic in or a job to go to everyday….no more complaining! Work was pretty good this week no big drama which is always good. I may go to College Station on Saturday to see Molly and Shannon but other than that I think I will be scrap booking. I need to start Jamie’s pregnancy book because she is now 3 month along. Crazy huh! I feel like she just told me yesterday. I also have to do something’s for Cassy’s book she is in the middle of her 3rd month. Babies, babies, babies September is going to be crazy!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Stephanie & Steven Hurst said...

Wow! 3 months time flys by!!!!!!!!!
Before you know it the little one will be here!!

Hanna said...

Are you creating their scrapbooks for them so they can just journal and fill in pics? I know people that do that and sell them...they put together different styles and all people have to do is journal and add their pics. They get a lot of money for them, too!!! I just started working on Emma's - I'm WAY behind!!!

somebody said...