Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

What a day, I’m doing statements and I hate it. I just ate Raising Cane’s for lunch and I love them they have the best chicken fingers ever. This weekend was fun. Friday I had lunch with Helen then went to the park with Kat and Tori. We brought the dogs and they had so much fun running around with Tori. I got on a swing for the first time in years and you would have thought I was 10! Kat was making fun of me but it was great. But let me tell you there was know way I was going to jump off like I use to do when I was a kid. Saturday Willie and I took Tyson and Roxi to the dog park. It just so happened to be the Saturday that the Boston Terriers meet up. There was like 20 Boston’s running everywhere. They were all so cute but all very different. Some where 15lb fully grown and others where 34lb full grown and no Roxi was not the biggest. After that we went to Mike’s house for a get together. It was fun having everyone together like we were kids. It’s crazy to me how we have a grown up so fast. Basketball and food sounds like we are 19 again.

Well, tomorrow is the big day for Steven and Jamie. They find out what the baby is around 9:00am. I’m so happy I can’t wait to buy a little brown bear or a purple butterfly after work. It’s killing me not knowing I can’t imagine how they feel. Work is calling I will post the big news tomorrow as soon as I find out.


Helen said...

Oh yes, I bet you miss my Wonderful Help right about now with all of those statments! It was nice having lunch with you, reminded me of the good not so old days. We will have to start doing that more often when I'm done with Stupid Class that I hate!!!!!!! I bet you're enjoying your new employees, but I bet you're not having as much as you would with me!!! Just Kidding! Have a great day! Love Ya---- HeLeN

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