Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Hate It Here

OK, I know softball does not sound fun to most of you but I must say most of the time I have a great time. But this time I can't wait to get home. Last night we got here about 7:00pm and by 8:00 we were in the middle of a T-Storm!! It rained and rained and guess what rained all night. We were to have our first game at 10:00 but when we got out there at 9:00 everything was pushed back 4 hours. This means we did not have our first game until 2:30pm. So after a few hours of hanging out at the hotel we went to the mall and then back to the ball park to find.......CRICKETS!!!!! I mean a few MILLION CRICKETS!!! They were everywhere all on the buildings and in the bathroom under the bleachers and in the grass. They have a big problem down here it's like a scary movie!!! Since I know you guys will not believe me I'm going to post a few picture later. After the game we went to Out Back for lunch and of course that was great! Now most of the guys are taking naps or watching TV behind me. I hope tonight is better we have a 9:00pm game. If the crickets eat me just know I love you all!! ha ha Have a great Saturday.


Helen said...

Well, I'm glad to know I'm loved, but you better come back home in one piece!!! It's raining right now here, you will very proud to know that I have been studting my little brain off, it SUX big time, but your little voice keeps pushing me in the back of my head. Have a good weekend Chas!! <3 Helen

MishMish said...

The last time we went to Canton there were millions of grasshoppers everywhere - those things that look like crickets on steroids! I even took pictures of the b/c it was like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie...I'll have to dig those pictures up and email them to you!

Jamie Kubeczka said...

That stinks!! I would so be out of there in a heart beat. You know me.. I wouldn't have been able to hang. I hate bugs!! It rained pretty bad here on Sunday and a little on Saturday. My shower turned out great, you will have to come by this week and see everything we got!

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