Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have had enough!!! Most of you know I love and adore my dogs!!! With that said you then must know that I want Michael Vick slowly beaten and then drowned or hung just like he did to all those innocent dogs! Sorry, I know it sounds crazy but he did this many times to dogs that could not defend themselves. I put harming a dog right up there with harming a child. Yes, I know a child is a child and a dog is a dog but they are both defenseless. With all the great things I hear some people say about Vick. I must say he must not be that great of a MAN if he won’t pick on another MAN his own size. Vick only chooses to pick on dogs!!! Today when I opened up Yahoo and saw that Stephon Marbury of the New York Knicks defended Vick, calling dogfighting a SPORT and comparing it to HUNTING!!!! I got sick to my stomach. Marbury also said that we should not build Vick up then break him down. I think Marbury is crazy himself. Vick is a great football player who makes millions!!! We are not breaking him down he did this to himself!! Vick throw millions of dollars away for dogfighting!! Last but not least I would love to be a fly on the wall in the New York Knicks office when they talk to Marbury about why he open his big month and got their franchise involved in such a high profiled case.

Sorry for all the ranting! I tried to keep it all in but I can only stay quiet for so long!!!


Stephanie & Steven Hurst said...

I know!!!!!!!!!!
I am right there with you I was so upset when I heard that, Steven and I were talking about it and I wanted to throw up!! I could not talk about it any more!! I hope he never gets to play again.....not sure if that will happen but really....I also hope people do not g to the games and support where ever he plays...What a SICKO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When you're RIGHT you're right and you are RIGHT! When horses or dogs don't win they are not killed! There are huge groups to help place those animals. Dog fighting is NOT a sport. It is stupid people creating war between 2 animals and there really is no winner because both dogs are hurt. As for it being like hunting - They guy is on crack! I feel sure he has never been hunting in West Texas. Hunters shot to kill. Dog Fighting is WRONG!!! If I had a jersey of either of those stupid guys I would give it to my dogs.
Love Ya, Tammy

Anonymous said...