Monday, July 28, 2008

Helen's Wedding

Here is a pic of my family at Helen and Joey's wedding last Saturday. It was so much fun! I must say I've never in my life cried so much at a wedding but the toast from the bridle party was so heart felt. Then the thank you from Helen and Joey for helping them makes me want to cry right now. My tears would not stop Saturday night but they were tears of such joy and they really let me know what great friends I have. Helen was a beautiful bride and I can't wait to post pics. I will post right after she has a chance to get home and post first.


Anonymous said...

What a great looking bunch!!!

Helen Molina said...

GREAT family picture!!! I don't think I would of ever had a "Real" wedding if it wasn't for you making it sound possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! I could not of done it without you! You're the best and I'm so blessed to have you in my life!!!
Love You! Helen

Anonymous said...