Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bye Bye Twenties

I’m sad to say that this will be my last post in my twenties!!!! Tomorrow I turn the BIG 3-0!!! I wish I could say I was happy but really who the heck wants to be THIRTY! Tonight Willie and I went shopping to buy me an outfit for my birthday dinner .While I was looking he came up and said my 18 year old girlfriend is now thirty. Lets just say I wanted to slap him!!! I just think it’s crazy there is no way I can be thirty. I guess I’m still in denial?


MishMish said...
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MishMish said...

Happy Birthday Chasity!!

Well, I can tell you that your 30's will be wonderful!!! You have nothing to be sad about. After all, they are the new 20's, right?

Seriously, though - I hope you have a wonderful b'day and don't be sad, b/c age is all in your attitude! And you're a beautiful 30 year old!

Helen Molina said...

Ahhhhh, Don't be silly!!!!! You are so youthful and don't act like an old fart anyways, I'm sure your thirties will be wonderful. :-)