Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Need more Sleep

Happy Tuesday to everyone. It feels like another Monday to me. Last night church had a special service for us volunteers and it was great. Everyone was there even Bill White. He talked about giving your time to serve others. He did a really good job. He has made me feel I need to give more time so if anyone knows of a place or group let me know.

This weekend Tiffany and Logan had to go back home. We had so much fun with them being here and we hated to see them go. Miss you already guys. I will post pics soon.

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Stephanie ~N~ Steven said...

I think finding things you naturally like then volunteering your time is so worth it! I do volunteer diving with the family. I am also looking into volunteering my time at Texas Childrens Hospital. There is so much out there, people always need help! You are such a great person to do this!!!!

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