Thursday, February 10, 2011


OMG!!! Check out this Blog post from a girl that my cousin Jeremy tattooed at a convention. His work is great but I could not go through the pain. This chick must really like tattoos! I'm a chicken! Great Job Jeremy!! Oh if you don't take the time to read her post and only look at the pics. Everything that happened to her is NORMAL!

Last weekend I went to the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention! Friday I spent the evening with my friends Cultural Enigma (founder of Cult of Angels) and Photographer PK Brazil.

Saturday was THE BIG DAY. The often mimicked but never duplicated Jeremy Miller from Austin, Texas, joined me on my newest tattoo adventure. The dreaded kneecap!! Here we are out on the floor. Miller at the machine. Jung under the needle.


New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 1

Awesome candid photo courtesy of Joey D

Before I share the photos of the tattoo, I want to thank everyone who was in charge of the convention, everyone who stopped to say hello, and the lady who put that extra ladle of cheese on my philly steak. Thank you. Oh, and to Hot-rod Chrissy from Facebook for being bewildered after I told her who I was, saying,"You look like a fifteen year old." So, thanks to whoever was in charge of the lighting. 

The final wipe-down came about six hours after we started. Most of which were grueling, but Jeremy and another artist from his shop, TJ, were a calming agent. Professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant-smelling young men. Thanks to their efforts to travel over 1,500 miles to Philly, I am now the proud owner of this high-heel stabbing an eyeball.

New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 2

Below is a photo taken at brunch the following morning, Sunday, by the fine people at Inked Magazine. Quite swollen!

New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 3

Now, today, three days after I got my kneecap tattooed, I am STILL LIMPING. And not just a slight limp that I can hide with some swagger. It's an "I can't straighten my right leg more than 130degrees" birth-defect waddle. Don't laugh, its not funny. There are pictures below showing the bruises I have today. They were taken after the skin was freshly washed and dried. You see the yellow discoloring all around the tattoo?... that is a giant BRUISE that's covering my entire knee (an unfortunate effect of getting tattooed over a long period of time on certain areas)

New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 4
New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 5

It's also stiff, scabbing in a few areas, and swollen. I cannot wait for this one to be finished healing! Needless to say, I'm not in any rush to do the other knee. Don't let all this whining confuse you, I am thrilled with the way this new piece came out. Thanks again to Jeremy Miller from Pigment Dermagraphics.  And speaking of having awesome tattoos...

I ended up taking home the THIRD PLACE OVERALL FEMALE award from the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Tattoo Convention. Very honored!! Can't wait to see all of you again!

Especially Rhea at Hardnox Clothing Company!

New Knee Tattoo Agony photo 6

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MishMish said...

I've browsed through his gallery before - he has some really creative tattoos!! Very talented!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Oh heck no!! You couldn't pay me to do that! 6 hours of pain... Jeremy rocks for sure!

~Stephanie Hurst~ said...

LOVE the new look!!!!!!!! GREAT pictures!!!!!

Cultural Enigma said...

HAha! i just stumbled across this tonight. I'm Cultural Enigma, the friend that Leah (the girl from the photos getting the awesome tattoo) was chillin' with.

Leah was a champ. She sat so well! I only wish I could sit as well as she did.

Jeremy is the AwesomeSauce for sure. I just went out and visited the shop about a month ago. Lurve that dude. TJ - who works for Jeremy - tattooed me a bit later in the day. Lurve that dude too! :)

And yes, the bruising is normal. On fairer people, it's obviously MUCH more obvious.

Congrats on your boy, soon to be a year!