Wednesday, April 13, 2005

1/2 Way Point

Wednesday 1/2 way to Friday!!! I'm here at lunch eating Tuna!! ha ha ha I'm looking over my calendar and I think I may need to get another one because Willie and I have planes every weekend for 3 months. Between his softball and my two sister's I have no time!!! Roxi even has a birthday to go to!!! I love having plans and helping people but man I hate to see it all on paper.

Well, I got my hair colored last night. It's a little darker than I colored last time because I want it to stay dark. A lot of red came through last time so I went a bet darker this time. I like it and so do a few of the girls at work. I say a few because the others have not said anything about it...rude!!

I hope everyone had a great time this past weekend. Jamie, mom and I went shopping for a dress for Jamies wedding and we found it at the first store!!!! Thank God because you all know Jamie and Mom can't shop very long together with out wanting to kill each other. Jamie and I did trick mom into going to eat at Paincho's. She hated every single minute of being in their except the ice cream part.


Kristeena said...

Hey I got your website name off of Hanna's blog! How have you been? I just read about your hair I bet it looks GREAT!!! You can pull off dark hair good. Well have a good day, buhbye!


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Pancho's was great!HaHa-Mom.
I love that place! Thanks for going with us on Sunday! I just love the dresses! I can't wait till we get them in. See Ya

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't know if I liked your hair because I haven't seen you in so long... haha. I really miss you and I wish you were not so busy. We need to scrapbook again, soon. Make no plans for July 17, that is Rosko's birthday and Anna is planning a party.
Love Ya,
Aunt Tammy

Anonymous said...


It´s fun to read whats going on with your family. Say Hello to everybody. Maybe you can put pictures of your dresses on the blog. I really would like to see them.


Anonymous said...