Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Thursday

I don’t know how many of you listen to Roula and Ryan on Thursday mornings but man it was good this morning. They do a segment called Roula and Ryan’s Roses every Thursday morning. This morning a lady wanted them to call her husband and see where he would send a dozen free red roses. She had a bad feeling that he was doing something wrong. Her cell phone bill came in and there were a lot of calls to her cousin at crazy times like 1 and 2 in the morning. So, Roula called and he sent the Roses to her cousin but the crazy thing is what he wanted to card to say! To Tammy: I will always be there for you and the baby!!!!!! OMG the wife freaked out!!! They have been trying to have a baby for 2 years and he cheated on his wife with her cousin and now the cousin is having there baby!!! CRAZY!!!!

Brainless American Idol fans do it again!!! Doolittle was hands down the better singer; I don’t care what anyone says! Doolittle may not be main stream pop but she will sell more CD’s then Blake and Jordin. Now I don’t care who wins they are both ok.


Jamie Kubeczka said...

That's crazy!! I always listen to Roula and Ryan on Thursday's... I was shocked this morning too!! I felt so bad for the wife, I mean C'mon... First she has to find out he cheats on her, Second she finds out it's with her cousin, and Third, Her cousin is Pregnant with his CHILD!! CRAZY!! I don't know how she kept herself composed like that, I would have lost it for sure!! I mean what in the hell was he thinking?!?! How could you do that to your own wife, and not to mention her cousin!! How Is she ever going to get over this?? I hope they have a second topic to this, but I doubt it. It's too much for anyone to handle.

As for American Idol~ I was a little shocked Melinda went home, I thought for sure she had it in the bag. Now it's between Blake and Jordan. Who will win?? I think Jordan will win, but I would like for Blake to win. They are both great!!

MishMish said...

Ouch! that is terrible! I used to listen to that show, but I have a short drive now so usually don't even turn on the radio...I usually talk to my mother during my drive now.

Anonymous said...