Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What A Night

I would just like to say that last night was one of the Best TV Nights in a long time.
ABC: Dancing with the Stars….Ian you were robed! I do like everyone left but I think from the beginning of the season the judges were extra hard on him because of his partner. He had some great dances but the judge’s scores did not reflect that. I know he got all 10’s on his last dance but that was not his best dance of the season by far. Now I must turn my votes to my other favorite Joey!!!
FOX: American Idol…They sang three songs each and I did not always like the judge’s pick. They are making Jordin sound like and old lady. Blake was ok but I don’t think he will be in the top 2. I think it will be and all girl final because Doolittle was the best last night. Go Doolittle!!
CBS: The Academy of Country Music awards were awesome! Rascal Flatts did a tribute to Virginia Tech and it was great. They flashed pictures of everyone who had their life taken that day. It made me shed a tear. It was great to see Faith Hill back up on stage; her and Martina McBride sounded and looked fantastic. Reba did a good job hosting, who could hate Reba!!! BUT….The Best parts of the show were Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift!!!! Tim did a beautiful tribute to out troops and yes, I shed more tears. At the end of the song the lights went up behind him and he had several families who had lost their family members in the war. The crowd stud to their feet and clapped for a good minute. It was a great tribute and man he was H.O.T.!!! Now I know I cried a few times during the show but when Taylor Swift came out and sang her song Tim McGraw and then introduced herself to him I was really crying. She did what millions of young girls dream about. She wrote a song to a boy about a wonderful summer romance and their song. To stand in front of millions of people and sing about someone who is 3 feet in front of you, I can’t see how she did it. She sang great and I think Tim was truly touched. He and Faith gave her a big hug after she was done. This would be the first time she has ever met them. Let’s just say I was really, really crying!!


Jamie Kubeczka said...

Okay, So I am writing this a little late, but hey better late than never right?? ~lol~

So we all know Ian is gone, Who's going to be next?? I really want Apollo to win, he is the BEST!! Joey is good, but Apollo is better. Laila needs to go home now, she is too slow at this stage in the competition. I guess we'll find out next week.

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Oh also, the CMA's were great!! I loved all the performances!! And that Taylor Swift girl is very good for being so young. Did you see Carrie UNderwood's date?? Tony Romo!! Go Cowboys!! :-)

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