Monday, July 02, 2007

Sick Little Roxi

What a Day!!! My Roxi girl had to be rushed to the vet today because she was sick. Sunday she was acting sick and moving very slow. The vet was closed and I did not think it was series enough to go to the emergency vet so I called our vet this morning. She was booked but said she would see her if I could get her there. Thank goodness for Tammy and Anna because they ran to the house picked her up and took her for me. What came next I still can't believe. The vet said she was having a false pregnancy!!!! This means she has made her body think she was going to have babies. I know it's crazy but there is more. Her breast mike had started to come in and she had a lump on her side from a milk gland that got infective. She had to have surgery to help fix everything asap. I picked her up about 5:00pm today and she seems to be in a small amount of pain but she is just laying on the coach. Tyson is dieing to know what is going on with her. He just wants to get close to her I think he knows something is wrong. I hope she will be better soon my little baby can't even really walk or jump on the coach.