Monday, July 30, 2007

We Will Miss You

Marvin Zindler. For nearly two generations, he's been part of Houston, never farther away than a television set. Marvin Zindler passed away Sunday after a courageous battle with cancer. He would have been 86 this August. I never met the man but grow up watching him nightly. Who will ever forget all the restaurant report's of SLIM IN THE ICE MACHINE!! Or what about his sign offs, Have good golf good fishing or whatever make you Happy. And of course MARVIN ZINDLER, EYEWITNESS NEWS!!!


Stephanie & Steven Hurst said...

I know!!!!
Steven and I saw that last night while watching TV and could not believe it!!!!!! He was like you said part of our child hood!!!!!
I remember always saying with him Marvin Zindler Eyewitess news!! Then of course Thank you Marvin!!
He will be missed for sure!!!!!

Anonymous said...