Thursday, August 02, 2007


In case you did not know its August!!!! What the heck happened to June and July??? I know I have been busy this summer but I feel like I have missed the season completely. I was going to go out of town this weekend but since moms surgery has been moved back until tomorrow I think I’m going to have to stay in town. Please keep her and our family in your prayers. I hate hospitals!! I don’t like to eat or even breathe in them. When I walk down the hall I only look straight ahead or at the floor. Just thinking about the smell makes me sick! Mom better make a speedy recovery because I don’t know how long I can last in a hospital with no food.

I guess I need to get some work done today since it is Thursday I need to close out the week here. I hope everyone has a great weekend maybe it wont rain but don’t count on it.