Saturday, August 04, 2007


I need sleep!!! Lets just say that this chair does not make a good bed. Other than that everything is cool. And I do mean cool, mom has it like 68 degrees in this room. She just had her breakfast of chicken broth and apple juice and has just fell back asleep. She is having trouble with her calcium so they gave her medication last night and this morning. Because of this she will have to stay until Sunday or maybe even Monday. The breathing doctor just left and he said she is breathing just fine she just has to keep breathing into this little tube that measures how much air she is taking in and breathing out. I will post and update later today have a great Saturday.


Stephanie & Steven Hurst said...

You are so brave and special to be right there with her!! Hopefully things get better and she gets well soon, thanks for the updates!!

Helen said...

You are such a wonderful daughter to be taking such wonderful care of her!!! I know that she really appreciates it. I will definatley be praying and thinking about her and you guys. I know what you mean about hospitals, I don't do well in them either. When I had Felicity it was really hard for me, I wouldn't even wear their gowns, use their pillows or eat their food.. I was a difficult patient, so Joey or my mom would bring me food. Crazy Huh? Hopefully you will be able to get some rest. :-) Love Ya-- Helen

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