Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TV Time

This week is ABC premier week and I almost can’t handle it! 3 days of Dancing with the Star’s is awesome. Let me say right now last week the girls and I at work picked out our top male and female and let me say my girl came out swinging last night. My pick for female was Sabrina and my pick for male was Cameron. Sabrina and Mark were great last night and I know Cameron and Edyta will be great tonight. Another one of my favorites is The Bachelor and man is he cute this year. Brad Womack is a true Texas Hottie! Don’t you think it is funny how so many of the bachelors come from the great state of Texas? While he was hot some of the girls were crazy. “When I see him all I think is SWEET! SWEET, SWEET, SWEEEEEEEEET!” If this girl said sweet one more time I was going to kill her. I guess I don’t have to tell you she was also El Drunko this year. There is one every season. But for me the girl who looked normal but then started talking about her webbed feet took the cake for me. Then she took off her shoe and put her nasty feet on the table, what a first impression. And she wonders why she did not get the first impression rose? Who talks about feet within the first minute of meeting someone? Thank goodness she did not get a rose!