Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bye Bye House

Well the time has finally come for me to say good bye to the house I grow up in. I can't believe it my mother’s house sold. Friday we start the big move!! Going through all the stuff mom has saved since we were kids and boxing up stuff for storage. Mom is moving in with Jamie for a month until she finds a place. It's going to be crazy not having pool parties or Christmas morning under the BIG tree. What about Thanksgiving where my mom makes us all seat at the table and pass food around until everyone has what they want to eat. Then going around the table to say what we are thankful for. I hated that as a kid but now look forward to it now. I know where ever mom ends up we will follow but it will be a bet different going to a different place to see mom. Even though I'm sad about the house full for memories she is leaving behind I know it is time for our family to start making new memories. It's time for mom to step out and start enjoying life for herself knowing she raised 4 great kids and is the best great grandma a kid could ask for.

Happy Birthday Valeri
One year older and still look-in FINE!


Stephanie & Steven Hurst said...

I remember saying good-bye to the house I grew up was a sad time but also a time to reflect on past memories and look forward to a new beginning and journey!! Its like a new chapter in a book!

Anonymous said...

Bricks and sticks will come and go but the love and memories will never leave you. Those memeories are a part of who you are. We will always have remember when...
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...