Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hello Guys
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend mine was wild. Friday, Jamie and I ran around all over town for Helen's Shower on Saturday. Mom, Jamie and I hosted her shower so we had all kids of things to get done. The shower was good I think Helen had a nice time. Jamie did and great job on the food like always!!! Then after the shower we headed out to Kathleen's new house to help unpack. The house is so pretty I know they will love having all the room. After all the moving we went and had a late dinner at Salt grass!!! Sunday was church and then pool time like always. Only this time it could have been my last Sunday afternoon swim because of mom moving. I'm not happy about not having a pool but I know my mom will be happy in a new place. Now I'm at work eating lunch by myself because my Hyg. ran so late. I guess I'm going to search the web and eat. Have a good week!!